Pedagogski Centar Crne Gore

Pedagogical Center of Montenegro (PCMNE) was founded in 2000 in Podgorica. Its aim is to support an open society in Montenegro. We see ourselves as a channel of information transmission on educational innovation. Above all – information on innovation of teaching, on innovative educational programs, innovation in the area of professional literature, along with providing Montenegrin students and scholars with studying opportunities.

The Pedagogical Centre of Montenegro works on the following aims:

– reforming and improving of all levels of educational system in Montenegro; awareness raising n the needs for improvement of the education system (organization of national conferences, debates, round tables etc.);

– promotion of child-centered approach in educational process, and implementation of  programs based on child-centered approach;

– networking and exchange of information among educational institutions in Montenegro at all levels (pre-school, elementary and secondary schools and university);

– networking and participation in the exchange of information with educational institutions and organizations in the Balkans and wider;

– assistance in organizing and  logistic support to various groups: parents, teachers, pre-school teachers  and others, at local and national level, developing its capacities toward advising and promoting center when it comes to scholarship schemes and promotion and improvement of children’s rights and human rights in general.

PCMNE is a professional pedagogical institution, which gathers all the eminent pedagogues of Montenegro, to improve educational system of Montenegro through different projects. PCMN deals intensively with professional advanced teacher training and introduces new models of work into the educational process, edits professional literature and textbooks, organizes national and international professional meetings, seminars, conferences, etc. In harmony with its basic aim, PCMNE’s main field is educational system of Montenegro.