ORAVA Association for Democratic Education

OravaOrava Association for Democratic Education is a membership driven, non-profit, non-governmental organization established in Slovakia in 1994.  The association works to improve education in Slovakia by supporting the broader educational community of teachers, learners, school administrators, university faculty, Ministry of Education leaders, leaders, and others. The Orava Association supports cooperation and communication between educators, non-governmental and governmental educational institutions through publications, conferences, seminars or round table discussions.

The Association has the registered office in Bratislava, the centers in Dolny Kubin, Topolcany, Michalovce, and Presov, and a network of about 300 members. The Association cooperates with about 40 external employees.

Orava ADE provides professional development trainings for teachers accredited by the Slovak Ministry of Education and every year trains approximately a thousand of teachers. Orava ADE implemented projects focused on literacy, critical thinking, citizenship education, inclusive and multicultural education, adult learning, teachers professional development, curricular reform, school decentralization, etc.

Every year Orava ADE organizes a national conference with international guests titled Innovation in Education. Our “Read Aloud Week” organized every April is aimed at promotion of reading and cooperation between schools, families and libraries.

Orava ADE is a member of CIVITAS: International Civic Education Exchange Program USA; Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking International Consortium, and Network of Education Policy Centers. Orava ADE has a long term partnership with Ministry of Education, National Council of the Slovak Republic and other governmental agencies, regional and local municipalities and NGOs.

Contact: www.zdruzenieorava.sk