Consorțiul Internațional Lectura și Scrierea pentru Dezvoltarea Gândirii Critice

Logo RWTC International Consortium facebook-verdeConsortiul International Lectura si Scrierea pentru Dezvoltarea Gandirii Critice (CILSDGC) is an international association of 20 European and non-European organizations promoting critical thinking across the educational spectrum around the world. It was registered as a legal entity in 2006, and has since consolidated its capacity to engage in educational projects worldwide by lining up a pool of over 30 educational experts and trainers from around the world. Eight of our member organizations are in LLP countries.

CILSDGC supports its member organizations’ and individual members’ joint efforts to promote quality education for all, critical thinking and active learning, civic literacy, and facilitates international collaboration among educators with a view to contributing to their continuous professional development and to fostering innovation in education. CILSDGC delivers training programmes for educators (including Grundtvig and Comenius), organizes conferences, facilitates its members networking, initiates and participates in bi-lateral and multilateral projects which include conducting studies, sharing good practices, producing resources for educators and other educational staff (e.g. support materials for teaching and learning), and in general supports innovative practices in lifelong learning by facilitating the sharing of effective educational practices among member organizations and beyond.

CILSDGC’s flagship project, Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking (RWCT), is a highly successful teacher training programme which has reached over 50,000 educators in 42 countries. RWCT focuses on developing critical thinking skills through active and cooperative learning, democratically structured meaningful discussions and reflection. The main goal of the RWCT program is to provide teachers with the understanding, knowledge and methods necessary to create an environment that fosters experiences of deep, meaningful learning. RWCT teachers equip learners with the skills necessary for active, inquiry-driven, lifelong learning inside and outside the school.

CILSDGC is the leading member of this partnership.