Asociația Learn & Vision

logo ALVAlthough a young organisation, Asociatia Learn & Vision (ALV) has among its members experts with sound experience in educational aspects, gained in various transnational projects: university professors, psychologists, teachers and other specialists, all interested in education and research in education, which gives us a great social capital that includes abilities and knowledge of its members (a variety of education domains, of which literacy, research in education, and project management).

As a training provider, ALV has 1 authorized training programme (Project management), 1 accredited programme (Non-formal learning and personal development), 1 programme in accreditation (Decentralised Institutional Development). We also deliver informal education workshops to teachers, parents, trainers, school directors, librarians. We collaborate in educational research with few universities. In the past 2 years we have trained over 700 persons. Our training offer focuses not only on professional development, but also on personal development of adults, improving the quality of the time spent inside a family and the learning process of different generations. In addition, the project Please, read me!, aims at conducting a qualitative research on how the activities during the project contributed to the time spent inside the family.

In our strategic plan for 2012-2014 we have established main scientific directions: intergenerational learning and family literacy, quality assurances and management, key competences for lifelong learning, non-formal learning, inclusive and intercultural education, reflective practice and higher order thinking skills.

We constantly develop family literacy programmes that bring together 2 or 3 generations, with groups from both rural and urban areas, and some participants are coming from vulnerable groups.

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