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Stakeholders working group meeting 1 – Podgorica, Montenegro

The first meeting of the Stakeholders Working Group from Podgorica, Montenegro, was held on the 9th of May 2014. Twelve persons representing 8 organisations (the Bureau of Education, the University of Montenegro, the Ministry of human and minority rights, Roma Education Fund, the coalition of Montenegrin Roma NGOs Roma Circle, HELP, schools) actively participated in the meeting. Starting from the basic idea Roma children are in desperate need of support outside of regular school educational activities, particularly in support of the acquisition of literacy skills, primarily from their parents and grandparents, the participants were informed about their contribution, rules of operation of the group, as well as with the planned joint activities within the framework of the working group, which will result in the creation of a local strategy. All attendees showed a strong interest and enthusiasm for further work, followed by a series of proposals related to better and more productive personal engagement. For more information, please read the SWG Report – Meeting 1 – Montenegro.