Local roundtable 4 – Podgorica, Montenegro

1. Date and place: 4th October 2015, REF head office and center, Podgorica
Time: 10:00 – 11:00
2. The participating institutions were:
NVO Romski savjet (Roma Council)
NVO Most (Bridge)
Romski obrazovni fond
Udruzenje Početak (Beginning)

3. Facilitator: Marijana Blecic

4. Course of the meeting and its conclusions

  • Short Introduction to the Literacy Cubed program in Konik camp;
  • Ms Blecic introduced the ongoing activities to representatives of the local Roma NGOs from the camp and from the area;
  • Roma NGO activists experience in work on support programs spans from 1 to 5 years approximately
  • Several participants were familiar with the program through their communication with the community and PCMNE;
  • Activities were generally praised. Representatives of NGO Most expressed their worriedness that most of the documents similar to the idea of Local strategy tend to look for percentages of goal completion rather than the quality provision of services.
  • Participants mentioned a couple of more Roma NGOs which were recently established and worth of attention: NGO MLADI ROMI (Young Roma) in the first place.
  • Participants also mentioned that the education system is doing well compared to others and that the main problem for implementing a change will be social (welfare) aspect.
  • Ms Blecic mentioned goals of the Policy Brief and Local strategies, and involvement of the NGO KRUG coalition.

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