Stakeholders’ Working Group Meeting 5 – Dolný Kubín, Slovakia

The fifth meeting of the Stakeholders’ Working Group from Dolný Kubín, Slovakia, was held on the 8th of October 2015.

The meeting was attended by 10 persons representing 7 institutions (the Dolný Kubín Town Authority, the Authority of Labor, Social Matters and Family Dolný Kubín, Peter Skrabak Primary School at Dolny Kubin, Brezovcek NGO, the Orava Region Library, Center of Pedagogic and Psychological Counseling Dolný Kubín, and Basic School Krušetnica) out of which 2 persons were from the organizer.

During the meeting, after the presentation of the LIT3 project outcomes, participants discussed about and finalized the local strategy to support Family Literacy and agreed on the means of further communication.

The conclusions of the meeting were:

  • Existing efforts and projects of the participating local institutions have capacity to include and/or promote FL (e.g. projects of the local authority ÚPSVaR).
  • Family literacy concept will be further promoted so that it was included in other strategic plans.
  • Each institution assumed some roles at the local strategy developed for 2016-2020. More details will be specified via further email communication.

For more information, please read the Report – the fifth SWG meeting – SK.

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