Local roundtable 2 in Dolný Kubín, Slovakia

Peter Skrabak Primary School at Dolný Kubín
Date: May 4, 2015 at 1:30 pm

Present: 4 teachers of Roma students (grades 1-5)

A ppt presentation containing the main outcomes and pictures of the family literacy program was presented to the teachers at the beginning. The term of „family literacy“ was briefly clarified and explained.

The discussion began with each teacher sharing their experiences with teacher-parents cooperation. According to the teachers, the cooperation is generally good and the parents are very respectful. Sometimes also grandparents participate at school events and meetings. According to their experiences, it is most effective when they directly address particular parents with particular tasks. However, they never organize any events just for Roma families. They do not select them.

The meeting ended with agreement to contribute to the local strategy.


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