LIT 3 project @ the “Innovations at schools” Conference in High Tatras – Podbanské, Slovakia

On 17-19 October 2014 we presented the LIT 3 project at the “Innovations at schools” Conference in High Tatras – Podbanské, Slovakia. The conference has been organized yearly already for 15 years.  Any organization interested in education is welcome in the conference. It is a great opportunity to meet stakeholders as long as individual teachers from praxis that educate in primary schools, high schools and universities. This year, also guests form USA that were at the foundation of Orava Association, were present. What we really appreciate when presenting the project LIT3 was that there were organizations that support and work with Roma population so we could share our experiences from our project and we were invited to share our materials. At the end of the conference we had a panel discussion about importance of implementing the new ideas in education in order to solve existing problems.

LIT3.2 LIT3.3 LIT3.4

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