Literacy Cubed – Focus on Roma Families


LIT3 aims to promote family literacy (reading and health literacy) in Roma communities as a tool for raising the attainment level of Roma children in general education. To this end the project will:

  • develop and field test a coherent family literacy programme targeting 3 generations;
  • develop an evidence-based European policy for family literacy;
  • engage key stakeholders in developing local strategies for implementing family literacy policy and programmes.

Roma children in poor communities are at risk of failing and dropping out of school. Adults in such communities have poor literacy skills, which prevents them from acting in an informed manner, accessing employment, healthcare and social services. Family literacy has high impact on children’s literacy skills development, but it is much underused. Health is a severe issue in poor Roma communities.

We rely on a partnership of 5 organizations in 4 countries (RO, UK, MN, SK) with complementary expertise. We engage 6 associate partners, of which 5 Roma NGOs. The family literacy programme will be based on thorough needs analysis. The family literacy programme will be piloted to ensure research based data that will inform the family literacy policy, which will be the foundation of the local strategies for family literacy.

LIT3 will improve adult’s literacy skills, children’s education attainment and the quality of their adult life.